New year, new resolutions, new you? Let’s getting planning…

New year, new resolutions, new you?
Let’s getting planning...


So, it’s the start of the New Year and we’ve said goodbye to another that’s passed. Last year may have been good, it may have been troubled and you may not have got round to ticking everything off that to-do list or kept last year’s resolutions…


Each week, we will be writing an article around the “grown up stuff” that should be planned for with useful information and free advice as always to help you to plan for your family’s future and keep on track (don’t worry we will keep them short, to the point and add a little element of fun where we can!).


We will be looking at:


  1. Funeral planning

    1. How to save your loved ones the emotional burden; and

    2. How to save loved ones the financial burden


  1. Wills & Trusts

    1. Planning for Inheritance Tax;

    2. Ensuring your money goes where you want it to;

    3. Guardians for your children;and

    4. Protecting your property against unwanted costs and taxes.


  1. Lasting Power of Attorney

    1. What is it and why is it important? and

    2. Who to choose as your Attorneys


  1. Probate

    1. What is the process and why is it important?

    2. How to get the help you need at such a difficult time;

    3. Why IHT forms are so important to complete correctly; and

    4. What are you liable for as an Executor?


  1. Pensions and investments

    1. Do you know how your pensions are performing?

    2. Are your investments working in the way you want them to or could they be placed elsewhere?


In all of our articles we aim to give you the information that you need in a simple and easy to understand format, to help you to make the decisions that you want to.


It seems that there is never enough hours in the day but let’s start the year on a positive and MAKE TIME to plan and get some of these things in place and off of your to-do list.


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Neil Barras-Smith

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