Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation

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Let’s face it, the majority of us want to avoid talking about Funerals, let alone our own!

However, if we really think about it, there are probably a few things we would like and so it is important to get out wishes down whilst we can.

The expense of a Funeral can be a large burden on our nearest and dearest at an awful time and with so many possibilities and considerations, the choices really can be endless.

So, one option is Direct Cremation but what is that, what does it involve and why should you consider it?

We take a look below…

A Direct Cremation takes place without a Funeral Service and most Funeral Directors will now offer this in addition to the traditional Funeral Service options.

A Direct Cremation can benefit those that are looking to keep costs down as well as those with few or no family. As we know, the costs of Funeral can be high and, if not planned for in advance, can leave a heavy strain on your loved ones. A Direct Cremation can also save money on an expensive coffin as there will be no Funeral Ceremony and so no procession.

This type of Cremation is also of benefit for those that do not want a big fuss, or service or would prefer their family and friends to have an alternative celebration away from the actual Funeral Service. Some may leave monies or wishes in relation to holidays, experiences or the like for their family to enjoy in their memory rather than a formal and traditional Funeral Service.

However, some of the possible downsides that you may want to consider are…

When a Direct Cremation takes place, as there is no Funeral Service this does mean that there is nothing for family or friends to attend or leave flowers at and there will be no opportunity (at a Service) for readings or eulogies. There is also no opportunity for viewing on a Chapel of Rest and no choice as to the time and place of the Cremation as this is scheduled by the Funeral Director as no one is able to attend.

Thus, although a Direct Cremation may seem like a good idea for you, and may be preferential in terms of costs, it may be worth considering any friends and families and how they may want to celebrate your life following your death.

As we said at the beginning, talking about Funerals is not a subject that any of us really enjoy.

We outline some of the other potential considerations in our article: What to consider when planning a Funeral

If you have any questions or want to discuss putting a funeral plan in place, call us on 01727 865 121 or email us at for a free, relaxed and considerate discussion on how we can help

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