Funeral Plans

Can anyone apply for a Funeral Plan?

In short…YES!

Some plans, and payment options, will depend on age but there is nothing preventing anyone from taking out a Funeral Plan.

Can I plan the funeral and make special requests or is the funeral chosen for me?

You can make all the plans that you wish and include any special requests.

If the requests will incur an additional cost, then you will be notified of this and can decide whether to include this or not.

Why should I get a Funeral Plan?

The main advantage we see to having Funeral Plan in place…COST!

By putting a plan in place now, you secure the price of the funeral director services that you want (at today’s cost) and this protects you (and ultimately, your loved ones!) from forking out massive funeral expenses at a time which is already extremely difficult for them.

In addition to the cost benefit, the burden of planning the funeral is taken away from your loved ones and you can ensure that you are sent off with the funeral that you want.

Who chooses the Funeral Director?

You – if you want to!

If you have a Funeral Director that you know, have been recommended to or would like to use, then let us know. If the Funeral Director works alongside us and accepts the plans that we put in place, then we will arrange this for you.

If you do not know of a Funeral Director or don’t have any preference, then we can advise you of a local independent Funeral Director.

What if the chosen Funeral Director goes out of business?

Don’t panic…neither your money or your plan is lost!

In the unfortunate event that your Funeral Director goes out of business, you will be advised of this (if you don’t already know) and the options will be discussed with you. Ultimately your plan will be moved to another Funeral Director that is local to you.

Can I take out a plan for a loved one?

Of course!

Can I transfer the plan to someone else?

You can.

If you want to use your own funeral plan to pay for the funeral of your spouse or a loved one, then you can do so (unless you opt for a plan payable by fixed monthly payments). There may be additional costs involved if their wishes differ from your own funeral wishes but this will be discussed with you.

Are there different payment options, or do I have to pay in full?

There are different payment options available when choosing the right Funeral Plan for you:

–        Payment in full – a one off upfront payment

–        12 monthly instalments – 12 monthly direct debits (at no extra cost)

–        Low cost instalments – direct debits payable over a payment period chosen by you (between 2 and 30 years – whatever fits your budget)

–        Fixed monthly payments – ongoing direct debits of a fixed amount which depends on your age at the time the plan is taken out.

How is the plan used when I die?

In order to use your plan, your loved ones will just need to make one phone call.

Your Funeral Plan will come with a membership pack containing all of your wishes and the contact details to use to activate the plan.

What happens if I do not finish making the payments on my plan?

This will depend on the type of payment plan you have taken out but we will discuss this with you at the time the Funeral Plan is taken out to ensure that you are aware of all of the options and what happens.

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