Below we have a quick look at the situation if Sylvia does not have the above LPAs in place and then, where both a Property & Financial Affairs LPA and Health & Welfare LPA have been put in place appointing her children as Attorneys.

Unless stated otherwise this is only to be used once capacity is lost

From the initial call to the registered Lasting Powers of Attorney being delivered, the whole process (including home consultations to go through the Lasting Powers of Attorneys and any discussions with your proposed Attorneys) can be completed within three months. The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) take around 8-10 weeks to process the application and so a three-month time period allows for the OPG to check and register the Lasting Power of Attorney and for us to receive this and deliver back to you ready for use.


When we deliver your Lasting Power of Attorney we will also give you information as to how the Lasting Power of Attorney can, and should, be used as well as answer any questions that you have.


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