Care ISAs: Are they worth the investment?

Care ISAs: Are they worth the investment?

With the proposal of Care ISAs being introduced we look at what they are and whether you should consider getting one in place.

The Government will give much more detailed information as to the Care ISA in the Autumn when their social care proposals are outlined but for now we know that the Care ISA is one proposal in the Government’s plans to get individuals thinking about, and saving for, the costs of their future care at a much earlier stage.

One of the benefits proposed with the new Care ISA is an exemption from Inheritance Tax for any funds left in the ISA at the time of death. However, with the ever increasing cost of care, this is likely to benefit only the very wealthy, who can afford to put large sums into the Care ISA to ensure that it is not all used up by care costs during their lifetime allowing a lump sum to be paid to their beneficiaries free from any Inheritance Tax.

It is also worth considering whether the Care ISA is different or any more advantageous to other pensions, investments or Trusts, that are already available and do not attract Inheritance Tax.

The Care ISA, although seemingly a great idea to provide savings for care in later life, may just be seen as yet another expense that is a luxury rather than a necessity for most. When reaching the age where going into care is a necessary consideration, it is likely to be too late to begin a Care ISA and those with time on their side, to consider saving for care in their future, are likely to consider savings for or paying off education, getting on to the property ladder and starting a family a more important and necessary expense, followed by private pensions and then possibly a Care ISA much further down their list of priorities.

Latest figures show that just one in twenty estates attract Inheritance Tax and so it is unlikely that the Care ISA will be of great benefit to the large majority when considering tax planning and planning for theirs and their families’ future and much less likely to achieve the Government’s aim of enticing us all to save more for the costs of future care.

With more information due in Autumn on the Care ISAs, we will consider the benefit of Care ISAs again later in the year.

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