Nursery Rhymes and Death…What is the connection?

Nursery Rhymes and Death... What is the connection?

So, why do we use nursery rhymes to talk about Death?!

It may seem like an unusual way to get our point across, but talking about death is always an uncomfortable conversation and so doing this through Nursery Rhymes has been a great way of getting people talking and encouraging them to plan for their families’ future!!

Nobody likes to think about death, as is evident by almost half the country not having a Will in place.  Without the right planning in place, things can go terribly wrong and you have no control over where your hard-earned money ends up! Unnecessary pressures and burdens can drive families apart and this is something that nobody would really want.

So what do we want…here are some of the main reasons why we want you to plan properly for your family’s future:

  • your money goes where we want it to;
  • children are looked after and guardians (that you choose) are put in place if needed;
  • to make it as simple as possible during a time of grief for your family to deal with your estate and assets;
  • can reduce Tax complications ensuring that as much of your hard-earned money goes where, and to who, you want it to;
  • to give you piece of mind, knowing that your family is planned for, should the worst happen.
  • if you Google Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs), Funeral Plans or Probate, you’ll get a raft of very sombre looking pages, using stock photos of sad-looking elderly people or a dull video explaining why each is important. It’s depressing watching and reading through them and so no wonder the majority of people put it off, don’t act and fail to get the right measures in place.

We are very different here at TLC!!

We want people to feel relaxed talking about these subjects, understand the implications but know there are solutions and we always aim to put people at ease and answer any questions that they may have.  Talking about the ‘Elephant in the room’ is so important to plan for your family’s future, that’s why we take a different spin on things!

We love making videos to explain our world (and get our personalities across!). YouTube is the second largest search engine and therefore more people are looking to video for information – we don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Most people don’t like thinking about, let alone answering, the question “Who will look after my children if I die before they turn 18?” That is where we decided to use Nursery Rhymes to explain the  scenario in a way that, we hope, people can relate to.

So, what videos have we produced so far?

Jack & Jill

Possibly the most popular of all Nursery Rhymes.

In this short video, we explain:

  • what happens to your estate if there is no Will in place;
  • what happens to your estate, if you have a partner but are not married;
  • how a Will is used to carry out your wishes;
  • what happens if you remarry after the death of your former-spouse;
  • how a Will is void on marriage; and
  • how your children could receive nothing if not properly planned for.


Humpty Dumpty

Another classic Nursery Rhyme…with a twist.

We look at the loss of capacity and how a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can really help. We look at some of the burdens and complications faced when there is no LPA is place and when there is no one that can act for you when you are unable to act for yourself due to a lack of capacity.

We explain:

  • how banks can freeze bank accounts if an account holder loses capacity;
  • how partners/family members have to find ways to pay bills, liabilities and maybe even healthcare on behalf of their loved one with no access to their accounts;
  • the different types of Lasting Power of Attorney;
  • the complications on deciding on healthcare; and
  • the authority to sell a loved one’s home.

Little old Women who lived in a shoe

This is the most delicate of subjects, talking about who we would want to be the Guardians of our children should we not be around.

In this video we explain:

  • what could happen to the children if your proposed guardians are not stated in a Will; and
  • how a simple Will could make life so much easier for your children and those you have left behind.

Although the videos are light hearted, this is done in a delicate way to ensure that we never sway away from how important our work is and, although we may make the videos fun, we are professional and knowledgeable within our field.

Neil Barras-Smith

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