Valentine’s Day… What better gift to give your loved ones than peace of mind

Valentine's Day…

What better gift to give your loved ones than peace of mind

We are taking a little break from our weekly planning articles and checklists that are helping you to get all those important ‘grown-up’ jobs off of your to do list 😉 

This week we are talking about…Valentine’s Day.

So, hands up how many of us have forgotten to get our loved one a gift, or are at that stage where Valentine’s Day is just another day and gifts are a long distant memory?

Well, what about giving our loved one’s the gift of peace of mind?

What do we mean by peace of mind?

We set out below a couple of things that we know will help give you peace of mind as well as relieving the financial and emotional burden from your loved ones when the time comes:

  • Lasting Power of Attorney

Putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place allows you to give the person you trust most the power and authority to make decision for you, in relation to you health & welfare and property & financial affairs, if you are unable to do so.

Giving your loved ones, as well as yourself, peace of mind that should anything happen and you are unable to make decisions (whether that be due to temporary or permanent loss of capacity or simply because you cannot be physically present where you are needed) that there is someone in place to take those decisions for you and make the decisions you would have, if you were able.

  • Will

Having a Will in place (and reviewing that Will!) will give you and your loved ones

peace of mind that when the worst happens all your wishes are written down and can be carried out as you intended.

  • Funeral Plan

Having a Funeral Plan in place means that you can not only take away the

financial burden from your loved ones by paying for your funeral in advance (whether in a lump sum or by instalments), you also remove the emotional burden as all your wishes will be written down and can be put into effect by the Funeral Director with minimal input from your loved ones at an already difficult time.

We have these in place as we understand just how important it is to be protected and we are more than happy to have a free chat with you too, no obligation – honestly!

If you would like to have a free chat about anything in this article, please contact us on or 01727 865 121

Leah Waller

Happy Valentine's Day!

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