Inheriting Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Recent reports suggest that we (in the UK) accumulate £5.7billion in loyalty points EACH YEAR!

On average, most of us are members of five different loyalty schemes, each collecting points but a massive 93% of us are unaware that these can pass be passed on to a loved one when we die.

So, should we be including loyalty points and those details in our Wills? In short, YES!

Below, we take a brief look at three of the most popular loyalty schemes and how the accumulated points can be passed on following a death:

Nectar Card

Those of us with Nectar Cards are able to collect points with a number of different retailers (including Sainsbury’s) and to redeem those points against different brands.

Although Sainsburys policy states that the points are “personal to the Nectar account and cannot normally be transferred”, they can be transferred following death. In such circumstances the beneficiary must contact Nectar directly and request a transfer of the points.

Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard allows members to collect a point for every £1 that is spent with Tesco (online and in store) and a point for every £2 that is spent on fuel,  with the points then being transferred into vouchers for use in Tesco, for days out, eating out, travelling and other benefits.

In order to transfer the points accumulated by a deceased loved one, the beneficiary will need to contact Tesco Customer Service Centre to request closure of the deceased’s account and a transfer of the points to their existing Clubcard account or to a new Clubcard account.

Boots Advantage Card

With the Boots Advantage Card, you can collect four points for every £1 that is spent with Boots and those points can then be used as payment (one pence per point) in store or online.

Members can nominate a beneficiary to inherit their Boots Advantage Card points and members should get in touch with Boots Customer Care to arrange this.

So, leaving information as to the loyalty schemes you are part of, membership information (membership number, account numbers, passwords etc.) is important to allow your loved one’s to benefit from the loyalty points that you have collected.


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