Rubik’s Cube & TLC: What is the connection?

Rubik’s Cubes & TLC:
What is the connection?

What on earth is the connection between a Will Writing Company and Rubik’s?

It does seem a little random doesn’t it?

Well let’s clear this up for you…

Here at TLC, one of our core services is putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place for our clients. Our clients are concerned about losing capacity later in life and want to make sure they are covered – It’s very important, and you can find out more in our article “Why do I need an LPA?”.

One of our clients’ main concerns, when considering an LPA, is developing Dementia; a cruel condition that takes over an individual’s life. Like many of us, we at TLC have had loved ones that have developed this condition and have first hand experience of the devastation it can bring. We wanted to look at ways of preventing or at least delaying the symptoms of Dementia.

Dementia is classed as a “disease of the mind” and affects the brain. Memory loss is a significant symptom and so we were keen to look into this. Research and studies have shown that keeping the mind active has positive benefits at any age and this can take a variety of forms including completing crosswords, sudoku and such like, to improve their minds and keep them active. So, we thought, let’s up the ante a little and look at one of the most difficult puzzles of all time…the Rubik’s cube. 

One of the directors at TLC is a Rubik’s fanatic (that’s me!), not least because having learnt with my son just a few years ago, I know of the huge benefit that the Rubik’s cube brought, enabling bonding with my son as we learnt to solve it.

When you look at a cube for the first time, it seems utterly impossible. There are books to read to solve it, videos on YouTube but even these seem confusing and overwhelming. We persisted, took each stage onboard and finally completed it! It took a little while to continue to practise until we were confident to complete it, on our own, unaided. At the age of 40, I felt like I had really achieved something but the time with my son learning together was PRICELESS!

Neil Barras-Smith

I still solve the Rubik’s cube daily and not a day has passed, since I learnt the cube three years ago, that I haven’t picked up my cube and played around with it.

Still with us? Let’s continue.

Now, the benefits alone from the Rubik’s cube can make your mind sharper, it builds your own confidence and raises self esteem, improves hand-eye coordination just to mention a few. These benefits can make a huge improvement on someone’s day-to-day life and so this is why we decided to take the Rubik’s cube into care homes.

We took some time to devise lessons specifically tailored to the elderly – this was never, and will never be, about speed rather just about being able to solve the cube, as that in itself is a feat! 

We broke the course down into 8 steps to be able to complete the Rubik’s cube (from wherever you start with the cube). Each week we teach a step towards solving the Rubik’s cube.

Each step takes around 2 minutes to explain, then we practice, practice… and practice some more!!! Our participants love it, as do we. Seeing their faces light up as they understand and get what they are doing is rewarding in itself. There is a buzz in the room…there’s also confusion at times, but we work passed that 🙂

One of our current students is 101 years young and an absolute inspiration, she is so focused on learning and mastering the Rubik’s cube and is always the first in the class and the last to leave.

We are currently working with a fantastic Care Home in St Albans – Grace Muriel House, which is a fabulous care home with wonderful staff. The carers sit in on the lessons as the residents learn and able to support the participants in the lessons and then throughout the week once we have left. This project is supported by Rubik’s themselves and they have provided all of the Rubik’s cubes free of charge for everyone to learn – 

Thanks Rubik’s for your support!

We are now running a project to prove the cube can make a difference and hopefully delay the effects of Dementia. We also have a separate social media account & website to provide awareness and support to those living with the condition and also carers and family members.

If you would like to learn to solve the cube yourself or want to get involved with our volunteering, please do get in touch. or 01727 865 121

Neil Barras-Smith

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