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We’ve completed our first calendar year as TLC and what a year it has been. Not only have we helped lots of our clients with putting measures in place to protect them (and their families!) for the future but we also have had some massive wins as a company.

Our highlights of 2019 include:

As a company we joined the Luton Dementia Action Alliance

A group committed to making Luton a Dementia Friendly Community.

100% success rate for registering LPAs with the Office of the Public Guardian

The overall rate for successful registration of applications by the Office of the Public Guardian is currently 53%

We were presented with an award for “Booth of the year” for our Nursery Rhyme video.

An amazing achievement for a Company discussing the ‘Elephant in the Room’!

We successfully became Dementia Friend Champions

We have created over 100 new Dementia Friends so far.

We became official Brand Ambassadors for Rubik’s for our work with the Elderly

This is a role we really enjoy and are excited to continue into 2020.

We successfully completed a Guinness World Record

We launched DementiaTLC 

DementiaTLC is a website and social media for those affected by Dementia.

You can check us out on:

– the website

– Instagram

– Facebook

– Facebook Group   

We launched our Rubik’s session with Young Adults with learning difficulties

As part of this, we are excited to have been added to the curriculum from January 2020 at YAWN Life in Luton.

We started a new project supporting children with Autism

This is a project that we will be developing further throughout 2020.

We have also collaborated with a number of great charities and local businesses and been a part of so many events!

As you will see, these achievements have set us up for going even further in 2020 and we have some amazing projects lined up!

So, to celebrate an amazing year, we are giving you 25% off Wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney if you have the initial meeting with us in January 2020.

Wishing you all the best for 2020, it’s going to be a great year.

Much love,

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